Jio Car Router – Buy Online, Launch Date, Price in India, Features & Android App. Reliance Jio Smart Car has become the latest trending news at present. This gadget is particularly introduced to get Jio Car Router and Convert your car into a Smart Car. So many of the people are curious to know more details such as  Jio Smart Car Router – Launch Date in India, Features, Price, How to Buy Online, How to Connect and Use, Jio Smart Car Android App, and many more details regarding this Smart Car router. Here we go, today we shall explore the complete details of Reliance Jio Smart Car router in this article.

Jio Car Router – Buy Online, Launch Date, Price in India, Features & Android App

The Reliance Jio is as of now testing a model of the Jio Car Router that will transform any car into a smart car. The Jio Smart Car idea enables any car to be an associated car just by having a router associated with car’s diagnostic port. Today, we can know the detailed data about how to connect to the car and how to use the router to make the normal car as a Smart car. Go through the info on this page for more details.

Jio Car Router

What is the Jio Car Router and how can it assist?

The Jio Smart car router works with the help of internet. The Reliance is attempting to give internet connectivity regardless of where you are. They are intending to give a gadget to wherever you are, in your home, car or in office. The Jio Car Router similarly called the Jio Smart Car is a simple dongle that attachments into your car’s analytic port and exchanges every one of the data to a smartphone app.

There were many such car indicative gadgets by Chinese makers. What Reliance did is included a SIM card opening for Jio 4G services. In this way, now, it is a car router device and a 4G internet dongle. Thus, now, your car is an internet hotspot as well. Alongside that, you would now be able to check motor temperature, oil level, tire gaseous tension, RPM and then some.

Besides, it accompanies a GPS module. This can be used to send the car’s GPS area to your smartphone. The smartphone app accompanies a guide that can establish the car’s progression, make a geofence for cautioning when the car leaves the assigned region, and furthermore as a speed confine cautioning.

Jio Car Compatibility

The Jio Car router is good with any Indian or imported car produced after 2009. These cars have a place with the BS2 section. These have a port that can be used to check all the car data. The attachment is generally found some place in the dashboard or under the guiding wheel. The gadget has 16 pins and attaches easily. You can interface with the gadget over Wi-Fi and data identified with the car is streamed to the smartphone progressively over Wi-Fi. Once the car is fuelled up, the gadget is controlled up as well.

Jio Car Router Pricing and Availability

The Jio Car Router will be priced at Rs. 2000. There is no date on accessibility. The gadget is only a model starting at now and is experiencing trying. The app and the gadget will be moreover cleaned and will get the Jio marking before they are accessible to the public. The Jio Car Router is expected to release by December 2017. The Jio will announce the correct date of Jio Car Router launch date in India.

How to buy the Jio Car Router?

Soon after the launch of the device, it will be accessible to buy on Reliance Jio official portal, and also the gadget will be accessible on Amazon and Flipkart. The procedure to buy Jio Smart Car Router is given below.

Your car must have a diagnostic port to connect the Smart Car Router. Initially, check the port is there in your car or not. If the port is there then only proceed to buy. Follow the steps given below to buy Jio Car Router.

Process to Buy Jio Car Router device:

  • Visit Jio official portal or other portals such as Amazon, Flipkart. Login with your account.
  • Search for Jio Smart Car Router.
  • Click on Buy Now, enter the shipping address
  • Login to your account if not logged in.
  • You can pay the requisite billing amount using any debit/credit cards.
  • The Car router will be delivered to the shipping address within stipulated time.
  • Now, with the Jio Car Router, you can convert your car into a smart car.

How to Connect Jio Car Router to your Car?

The 16 pin plug will be there to connect this gadget to your car. This plug pin will be provided with the car that is manufactured after 2009. The pin will be found under the steering wheel. Check for this plug and connect the Jio Car Router device to access it.

Jio Smart Car – Jio Car Router Unboxing

Download Jio Car Router App

Jio Car Router app works with the help of Android app that delivers the information as a human readable form with this app. At the time of launch of Jio Car app, the Jio also launched the Android app to make this car router work. Users can download the Jio Car Router app from Google Play Store for free. The Jio Car Router and Car Router app will be launched at the same time. Probably by this year end.

Jio Car Router – Buy Online, Launch Date, Price in India, Features & Android App
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